Our second Gold Partner.



Boris Planinac from Pavilion Homes is proudly our second Gold Partner.

Pavilion homes began in 1973.

Pavilion Homes is a HIA, MBA and Professional Guild Builders Australia Member;

A guild builder complies with the following attributes, before signing up with any other builder ask them if they do for your peace of mind.

  • Have been trading for over 10 years locally
  • Offer competitive fair prices
  • Offer full inclusions needed for area reflected in price, including heating, fencing, driveways, flyscreens, site cost allowances.
  • Disclosed to you upfront in writing before you pay any deposit!
  • Are fully insured, including workers comp, public liability, construction works. This protects you as the land owner also.
  • Directors live locally in same state where your building
  • Directors are licensed builders in their own name and company
  • Director degree qualified (professional members – see individual profiles of builders)
  • Directors attend construction sites
  • Engage local engineers to design foundations and structural elements
  • Offer to make good at no cost any work to display home standard or building certifiers direction to maintain quality
  • Operating from commercial office space for at least three years so you can contact them anytime
  • Operate display homes and guarantee you that quality of work
  • Offer completion period and weekly rent of they finish late without valid extensions of at least $400 a week
  • Support local trades, suppliers, manufacturers, keeping money in the local community securing your families future and local ecomomy
  • MBA or HIA member
  • Have won at least three MBA or HIA housing awards
  • Professional website

Any issue that needs discussion through any part of the process to ensure your satisfaction please contact our office and make an appointment anytime.


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