The World Peace Bell was installed in 2001.

American World Peace Bell

In front of the Los Angeles Public Library, Maguire Gardens, facing Flower Street.
The plaque at the bell reads:
The World Peace Bell is an internationally recognized symbol of world peace. The bell is cast from coins and medals donated by 103 countries and represents a common bond among the nations of the world.
The World Peace Bell Association, based in Tokyo, Japan, works closely with the United Nations in an effort to develop friendly relations among nations and raise awareness about the importance of international cooperation. The goal of the Association is to provide a World Peace Bell to all nations of the world in order to promote a worldwide synergy of peace and understanding that will safeguard the futures of the world’s children.
The World Peace Bell is rung annually by the United Nations Secretary General on the opening of the General Assembly in a prayer for world peace.
The World Peace Bell is hereby dedicated to the people and the City of Los Angeles as a lasting tribute to the commitment of world peace and international understanding.
Dedicated to the City of Los Angeles, January 26, 2001. Richard J. Riordan, Mayor, The City of Los Angeles. Tomijiro Yoshida, President, The World Peace Bell Association.
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