The Peace Poles in schools.

Our young make up 20% of our population. They also make up 100% of our future. Let us give them Peace as our centenary gift from Rotary.
The Peace Pole program had its beginnings in 1955. You can now find Peace Poles in close to 200 countries and more than 200,000 have been placed around the World. Our aim is to distribute 100 Peace Poles for 100 years of Rotary sponsored by 100 Rotary Clubs, with each pole will be numbered 1 to 100.
Peace Poles are planted with the Universal Peace Message “May Peace Prevail on Earth”. They symbolise our common wish for a World at Peace. They stand as a silent vigil for peace reminding us to think and act in the spirit of Peace. The Peace message is written in four languages one panel on each side of the Peace Pole.
100 Rotary Clubs or School’s from around Australia are invited by the Rotary Club of Canberra Burley Griffin to become involved in this joint Centenary project. Will your Club or School be one of the 100 Rotary Clubs or Schools to decide to support this idea?
For more about this R100 Centenary Initiative, contact: Michael Rabey (Coordinator Canberra Rotary Peace Bell for Rotary Club of Canberra Burley Griffin) michaelprabey@gmail.com

The information in the table below shows all current data about Rotary 100 Centennary Peace Poles, and their school and donating Rotary Clubs. To view an enlarged size click the ‘View larger version’ at the bottom of the table.

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Becoming a ‘Friend’ of the Canberra Rotary Peace Bell had enabled the Rotary Club of Canberra Burley Griffin build the 24th World Peace Bell and pavilion in Nara Peace Park.

Now we need more help to maintain our highly professional communiuty service.

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‘Friends’ assist Rotary Peace Programs including the 100 Peace Pole ProgramRotary Foundation, Rotary Peace Scholarships, Shelter Box Australia and support for Domestic Violence Issues. Rotary has Peace in the World as one of its core values.

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