2022 International Day of Peace

21 September 2022


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Currently, our Youtube page only shows 2 videos from the event. More will be added soon.

Canberra Rotary Peace Bell Lennox Gardens.

Starts at 11.00am Wednesday 21 September 2022.

11.00: MC Genevieve Jacobs welcomes guests and acknowledgement of Country

11.05: Song by A Chorus of Women: Heiwa, Heiwa, Peace

11.10: Message from the Secretary General of the UN presented by Director Damian Cardona Onses

11.15 Director Cardona invites Japanese Ambassador His Excellency Mr Shingo Yamagami to comment

11.20: Speech by Rotary District 9705 Governor Geraldine Rurenga

11.30: Song by Mr Fred Smith with A Chorus of Women – Mr Circle

11.35: Presentation of the Chief Minister’s Rotary Peace Prize for 2022 Presented by Mr Brendan Smyth Director of International Engagement for the ACT on behalf of Chief Minister Mr Andrew Barr

11.40: Response from Recipient

(After response Chief Minister Mr Barr and recipient strike bell)

11.45: Speech by Member for Canberra M/s Alicia Payne MP

11.50: Closing Song by A Chorus of Women: A Recipe for Peace

11.55: Close with invitation for all attending that wish to step up and strike the Peace Bell.


Heiwa, Heiwa, Peace​​​ Elke Bitterhof, Berlin

English lyrics Sue Hoffmann

From here in Australia we hear you

Your words, your longing, your song

We’re drawn to the call of your peace bell

From Berlin it speaks to our hearts

Let the call of peace bells reach further

For peace that circles the Earth

May the sound of all peace bells bring comfort

And quiet our troubled souls.


We will sound our bell

Call for peace from Canb’ra

Joining in a chorus round the earth

As the peace bells ring out

Heiwa, Frieden, peace

With their call for all of humankind.


With the drums of war beating louder

And conflicts arresting our peace

We turn to the call of our peace bell

A bridge to those nearer to war

Let us tune to the call of our peace bells

For peace through this frightening time

May the sound of all peace bells unite us

To sing up our common resolve.


We will sound our bell …


Fang den Klang nicht ein

Hilf ihm weit zu fliegen

Bis zum Horizont und hoch hinaus

Denn die Glocke kündet

Heiwa, Heiwa, Frieden

Und ihr Wunsch lässt keinen Menschen aus.

Mr Circle

Words and music Fred Smith

Song for Bougainville

Sun go down, sun go down,

Mr Circle Sing Sing time long sun ee go down

Olgeta, Wanpela, mi na yu

Papa Deo kolim wantaim bigpela kundu

War wokim bugarap, War wokim bugarap

Lukim olsem dispela war i wokim bugarap

Olgeta crai crai, Olgeta crai crai

Olgeta crai crai taim long war i wokim bugarap

Sun go down, …

Pen wokim bel hot, Pen wokim bel hot

Lukim olsem dispela pen i wokim bel hot

Bel hot wokim Paitim, Kros wokim Paitim

Lukim olsem dispela Kros i wokim Paitim

Paitim wokim pen nau, Paitim wokim pen nau

Lukim olsem dispela samting i go round nau

Sun go down, …

Nius bilong pis, Nius bilong pis

Olgeta tok tok long dis’ Nius bilong pis

Pis bilong yumi, Pis bilong yumi

Pis bilong long yumi bikos bel isi belong yumi

Sun go down, …


English Translation

Sun go down, sun go down

Mr Circle sings as the sun goes down

all and one, me and you,

God calls us with his big bass drum

War buggers things up, war buggers things up,

see how war buggers things up

Everybody cries, everybody cries

Everybody cries when war buggers things up

Sun go down, …

Pain causes anger, pain causes anger (bel hot = hot guts)

See the way that pain causes anger

Anger leads to fighting, anger leads to fighting

See the way that anger leads to fighting

Fighting leads to pain, fighting causes pain

Look how it all goes around

Sun go down, …

News of the peace, news of the peace

Everybody is talking of the news of the peace

Peace is ours, peace is yours and mine

Peace is ours, because we have peace inside (bel isi=easy guts)

Sun go down, …

A Recipe for Peace

Words and music Glenda Cloughley

V1​Take grain from the earth and add water

Make by kneading to leaven with air

Bake in fire. Break and share.

Partake with your neighbour the blessing of bread


May you never be hungry

May you never be thirsty

I wish you health and a happy home

My companion,* may peace be with you

V2​Remember the making of bread like this

Remember the making of peace like this

Harmony with friends (and neighbours)

and with strangers

Bridging the borders of discord and fear


V3​Humble this cooking of bread and peace

Human the circle from hearth to heart

In longing, in hope, from hand to hand

I give you the song of my dream and my prayer


​* literally, one who breaks bread with another

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