14 inbound Rotary Exchange Students.


November 2018

See the video below.

A wonderful tour of Lennox Gardens was conducted for the 14 inbound Rotary Exchange Students on Saturday 24 November 2018. The students are from Norway, Denmark, Switzerland, Italy, Taiwan, The Netherlands, France, Hungry. There were also students from countries that have Peace Bells, Brazil, Canada, Austria and Japan.
The students spoke the words of the Chinese philosopher Laozi which promotes the theme of the Peace Bell in their own language as they rang the Bell. The District 9710 Youth Exchange Committee also rang the Peace Bell. The students were invited to speak as Peace Bell Ambassadors with their current school and the feeder Primary School offering the opportunity for the schools to take a tour of Lennox Gardens and the Canberra Rotary Peace Bell. You can book your own group tour of Lennox Gardens by going to canberrapeacebell.org and hit the BOOK A TOUR button.
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